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Summer is officially over with salty hair sandy feet quickly giving way to falling leaves. As you’re getting ready for more cosy inside weather, what better time to have a cleanout and store away all of your summer gear for next year. We’ve put together some pointers to help you enjoy the summer stuff slimdown with a seasonal clear out as we head towards the cooler months.

Do a stocktake

If you’re going to store all of your hot-weather paraphernalia until next summer, it’s good to know exactly what’s going and what’s staying. It’s a good idea to use an app to keep track of things, take photos for quick reference and organise your articles into four categories – keep, store, donate, throw.  

The space race

The best thing about storing your stuff in a self storage unit is that it gives you the extra space you need. Maybe you’re struggling to finish your morning yoga routine in the spare room due to the fact that all four corners are filled with boxes, extra furniture, lilos and snorkeling gear. A self storage unit can be a great way to declutter and achieve the space to spread out over the chilly season.  

Kids clothes conundrum

If you have small children then you’ll be well aware that they don’t stop growing over the cooler months. Use the opportunity of an Autumn cleanout to sort out the summer clothes that they will have outgrown by the time the sun starts beating down again. If you know they won’t fit into them next season, you may want to store them for friends and family with kids.  

Seasonal hot spots

The linen cupboard and pantry are also subject to seasons. As the cooler months set in you might want to switch the ice cream maker for the slow cooker. If you’re playing tetris with your appliances and linen, consider storing them seasonally to give yourself room to settle into winter. Whatever your motivations, take the changing leaves as a sign that it’s time for seasonal streamline. Make the most of self storage units for all of those items that take up the extra space in your home and use the opportunity to sort out your stuff.