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Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that Australia is a country on the move. Almost half the Australian population has moved during the past five years, and a third of young Australians change address every year or so.

As one of the most mobile societies in the world, 15% of the Australian population changed their address prior to the 2016 census, with 39% changing their address in the five years prior. In comparison, globally only 7.9% of people move domestically each year and 21% move at least once every five years. While we’re not necessarily leaving the country, we’re definitely moving about within our borders.

People are less likely to move to another state or city than they were ten years ago but rises in rental numbers and worsening housing affordability are keeping people moving. Of the people moving interstate, most were heading to Queensland and Victoria, while leaving New South Wales and South Australia. Everyone except Western Australia was heading for Queensland, while Queensland in turn was the only state not heading for Victoria.

On the whole, Australians like to move about. Whether it’s for work, a bigger house or downsizing once the kids move into their own homes, Australians are flowing steadily between our capital cities and larger regional centres.

As the housing market fluctuates and developments are built further out, Australian families are leaving the inner ring of our capital cities to raise children in larger, more affordable, properties in outer suburbs. This is balanced by increases in international migrants, though Australia is experiencing significant growth on the fringe of our major cities as well as certain regional centres.


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