If there is one thing that indicates how much stuff we own, it’s moving house. Moving exposes the amount of junk that we keep hidden away in our households. In fact, according to Choosi Clutter Report, we Australians have an estimated $60 billion worth of unused items in our homes.

That’s an average of more than $6,600 worth of junk in every Australian home. With values like that, why aren’t we selling more of our things or saving money and not purchasing the things that simply become junk?

Christmas seems to be the main culprit with many receiving gifts we don’t need or won’t use.

So what aren’t we throwing away?

According to the report, from shoes to phones, we’re holding on to things we don’t really need to be holding on to. Australians have an average of four mobile phones in their homes, some so old that they are probably obsolete on the new network and may not work any longer.

The average Australian home also has 139 books, 24 pairs of shoes, two televisions and two computers.

Why can’t we let go of the clutter?

The main reasons seem to be procrastination and sentimental value. Despite many of us holding on to junk because of how we feel about it, 18 per cent of Australians say that clutter gives them anxiety.

How to clear the junk

Start by finding a home for everything in your house. If you can’t find a space for it, it’s time to get rid of it. Consider donating it to charity or selling it if you think it’s worth something. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Self storage is another great option for your clutter if you’re not ready to let it go or if you’re not sure whether you may need it in the future or not. Consider Grace’s mobile self storage solution that allows you to pack your own storage container and access on request.