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When it comes to self storage, getting the biggest bang for your buck is all in the packing. While you may think you require two self storage containers to house all your excess items, with a little smart packing you may be able to cut this in half – potentially saving you hundreds of dollars. Here are our top tips for packing your storage unit the smart way.

1. Don’t store it if you can chuck it

It may sound obvious, but many people hold on to belongings long after they have a use for them. Storing this kind of stuff in the basement is one thing, but if you’re paying to store it then it’s worth taking a long hard look at it to decide whether or not that item has a valid place in your future (beyond just sitting in a self storage container).

2. Make use of your drawers

If you’re storing a cupboard, chest of drawers or any other piece of furniture designed to store things itself, then put it to good use! Pack those drawers with your light and unbreakable items and save a little space along the way.

3. Use vacuum sealed bags

These are perfect for clothing, blankets, pillows, soft toys and more. If it’s soft and squishy, chances are it can be squeezed down to half its size using a vacuum sealed bag.

4. Use stackable containers

Packing your belongings in to similarly-sized boxes or stackable containers will allow them to sit atop one another without wasting any space. (Contact Grace Self Storage for top-quality packing boxes that are uniform in size.)

5. Take advantage of your appliances

Fridges, freezers and microwaves all offer prime storage space once thoroughly cleaned and dried. Place light, non-fragile items inside, and keep the appliance doors ajar to protect against mould build-up.

6. Pack in layers

This is a great tip from the professional removalists: put a large item at the back of your module, and pack smaller items around it until you have made a single ‘layer’ against the back wall of your module. Just like Tetris! Then repeat this process until you are finished.

7. Reach for the sky

Always try to use the space at the top of your self storage unit. For example, a sofa stood on its end will be a more effective use of space than a sofa sitting on all four legs, with things stacked on top of it.