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With internet hackings on the rise, can you be sure your critical business information is safe?  As we have seen across the media no one is off limits with hackers targeting the US Military and Sony over the past few months.

New research from Data Security Confidence Index (April, 2015) has revealed eight in ten organisations utilise perimeter security (82%) and/or data security (80%). However when a security breach happens this can be a nightmare for companies, with ricocheting affects. 90% of organisations suffer negative consequences when a security breach occurs with main consequences being: delay in product/service development (31%); decreased employee productivity (30%) and decreased customer confidence (28%).

The report highlights companies are taking note of these negative breaches with over 70% of organisations not only adjusting their security strategies after high-profile breaches but also increasing their investment on perimeter security

With this in mind it is important to select the right security services for your organisation, ensuring the protection and integrity of your business information, both physical and digital.

At Grace Information & Records Management we can cater to all of your security measures. Our web-hostage storage provides a convenient and secure option to access all your business information at a click of the button. Or for your document storage needs we have facilities nationwide, all of which maintain the highest level of security.