We’ve heard how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to take our jobs away, but what kind of affect is it going to have on information management? AI isn’t planning on taking a back seat to the advancements in digital information management.

What’s AI doing now?

AI cloud-based systems already exist in the information management world, with many companies investing billions of dollars into the services that help to automate their record management.

Securing information

AI continues to be used in the fight against cybercrime, helping humans protect their data. The technology can be used to identify both the internal and external threats information is exposed to, learning as it develops to continue to keep data secure. It’s these machine learning algorithms that can be used to create behaviour profiles to better prepare for future threats. AI is therefore more adapt at recognising online undercurrents than humans are.

Electronic Records Management (ERM)

The power of AI has already been harnessed to improve ERMs and make them a more automated form of information management. Automated systems are able to classify and categorise records with a high degree of accuracy.

Companies that implemented AI for automated records management in its early stages ran into challenges such as categorising. The biggest challenge is that AI cannot just jump in and start effectively managing records, it must be taught how to run properly. Training needs to be as accurate as possible for effective machine learning. This can take a big investment in time and expertise to ensure it’s set up correctly. Algorithms, technology, retention schedules and records management change all the time and will require the AI machine to be effectively retrained.

AI has also been known to struggle with single points of classification. Knowing just one dimension of a document, such as classification (category or subject), might help for searching, but it isn’t good enough to automate ERM. Unstructured documents tend to contain multiple categories or subjects for multiple reasons.

The Future of AI in Information Management

The industry is already seeing a shift away from big ERM software purchases and traditional IT technology to investments in the cloud. As AI technology continues to progress, companies such as IBM and Google continue to invest in its development. AI has already grown since its first debut in the records management industry to one that may soon be doing more than we could have ever imagined.