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At Grace Removals, when we say we’re a one-stop shop for moving, we mean it. Grace Removals has developed a range of specialised services to help take care of those specific jobs that require a different level of care.


Home Cleaning

There’s nothing worse after weeks of packing boxes and finally loading them into the van, only to turn around and realise your house looks like a cyclone went through it. You just want to get moving and get to your new house, but know you still have to tackle that unsightly mess behind the fridge. Scrubbing the oven and wiping the windowsills can take hours or even days.

Don’t panic, Grace cleaning services can help. We understand that moving house can be a messy business. That’s why we can arrange a comprehensive home-cleaning service tailored to meet your individual requirements. This may include a basic cleaning service after the completion of packing or loading or prior to delivery and unpacking. Of course, should you require more than a basic clean, we can also tailor a more comprehensive home cleaning service to suit your needs. Optional extras include oven cleaning, blind, drape or curtain cleaning and window cleaning. We can also arrange external home-cleaning services if required.

Grace Valet

At the end of a busy and tiring moving day, we know that unpacking can sometimes be a challenging and overwhelming task, especially under certain family, work or lifestyle situations. So why not let Grace Valet take care of that for you.

Our Grace Valet ladies take over where our removalists leave off. They are trained professionals who can completely unpack your newly relocated belongings for you. They can organise your kitchen, safely put away your breakables, make the beds, neatly hang your clothes in your wardrobes, arrange books onto shelves, set up your living room, sort out your linen press, whatever you need. It’s like having your own personal Martha Stewart. Then, when they are done, they even leave a gift of fresh flowers with our compliments.

You simply choose what they do and for how long and the Grace Valet ladies take care of the rest. This gives you a chance to start exploring your new neighbourhood as soon as you arrive and helps you and your family transition into your new environment and lifestyle sooner.

Home Gardening and Rubbish Removal

So you’ve packed up the house and cleaned the inside and then suddenly realised you have a forest growing in your backyard. Grace can arrange a gardening service to mow lawns, remove garden and/or domestic rubbish and tidy up the yard and garden prior to your departure. We can even arrange the same service at your new house so all you need to worry about is moving in.

With Grace Removals, we know it’s the little things that count, and that’s why the best moves are always made with Grace.

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