Interstate Delivery

What is Included with Delivery?

Enjoy a stress-free moving experience when you trust Grace Removals with your interstate relocation delivery. Our professional removalists handle every step of the delivery process, from unloading to unwrapping, to make sure that your move is as seamless as possible. Your moving consultant will work with you to create a detailed inventory of all your items and establish a delivery date that works around your schedule. With Grace Removals, you will know exactly when everything will arrive at your new destination and have peace of mind knowing your items are accounted for.


What if I Need More Help?

If you need a little extra help beyond the standard delivery service, Grace Removals has additional options available. We can help save you time and make the transition into your new interstate home quick and easy with our specialised delivery services:


Unpack to bench top – We’ll carefully unpack to bench top all Grace packed items, so you can decide where you would like to put them in your new home. On our departure, we will remove any empty storage containers and boxes, leaving your home neat and tidy.

Partial valet unpack – Our valet team will help you with the organisation of your living area. We’ll organise your bedroom, living room, and any other rooms on request. With our partial valet unpack, our assistants can have your home ready to be settled in quickly after your interstate relocation based on your needs.

Full valet unpack – Our full valet unpack provides you with the ultimate convenience. The Grace valet team will arrive as soon as our removalists leave and arrange your home to your liking, from placing your furniture and rugs to unpacking, organising and even putting away your clothes. With our help, you can spend less time worrying about the little things, and more time acclimating to your new area.


Interstate Transit

With branches located in all Australian capital cities, Grace Removals has your interstate relocation  covered. Road transportation is the most popular option for interstate relocations, and with over 100 years of experience transporting personal effects, we have worked with vehicle manufacturers to develop one of the largest fleet of correctly specified vehicles and furniture containers throughout Australasia.


We  tailor the right vehicle for you move based on shipment size, cost-efficiency, and time constraints by working with our premium air, sea, or rail carriers.


To further ensure the safe transit of your effects, Grace will prepare a detailed inventory of your household goods, numbering and describing each item. This document is then checked, cross-checked and tracked at regular intervals from the moment your shipment is collected to its safe delivery at its intended destination.


Take the stress out of your interstate relocation. Call Grace today on 137366.

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