Temporary Accommodation Services

We understand that there are situations in which temporary accommodation is needed, particularly during international relocations. In order to help you with the transition, we offer temporary accommodation services to suit your needs. Whether you are in a motel, hotel or apartment, our consultants can arrange to have your most essential items delivered to you in a timely manner for added convenience.


Grace Can Customise Your Temporary Delivery

Your Grace Removals International Consultant will identify the best solution for your situation and budget, and then develop a plan that works for you. We can assist with:

  • Identifying the items you’ll need most
  • Delivering those items to your temporary residence
  • Storing the remainder of your shipment in our clean and secure storage facilities until it is ready to be delivered to your permanent residence

A Home Between Homes

Grace Removals’ temporary accommodation services are ideal for individuals relocating with young children and corporate clients.  On your behalf, our dedicated team of professionals can also arrange temporary accommodation overseas to reduce the stress of relocating internationally and allow you to focus on your day to day activities.


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