Furniture Removals

How Will My Furniture Be Packed?

Grace Removals knows that the key to successfully maintaining the condition of your furniture during international relocations is the quality of the packing process. With over 100 years of experience in the removals industry, we have designed a reputable process to keep your furniture safe during transit and delivery. Our professional removalists pack each piece carefully with high-grade packing materials to provide maximum protection no matter where in the world you are moving too, locally or internationally.

What Happens When The Furniture Arrives At My New Home?

At your new home, our highly trained removalists will unload and unwrap each piece of furniture for you to inspect. Our removalists will then organise your furniture inside you home with your direction, assemble conventional items such as beds, and remove all excess packaging on departure.
For assistance with any specialised items such as waterbeds and prefabricated wardrobes, we can arrange a specialist to assemble items for an additional cost, prior to transit.

Will My Furniture Be Protected During My Move?

Our professionals deal with the moving of large and bulky items internationally on a daily basis. By working meticulously with fully trained moving professionals, we have customised our moving methods to reduce the risk of damage that can occur during international moves.

At Grace, we take our ongoing commitment to excellence seriously and actively maintain our ISO 9001/2000 certification as well as FAIMISO accreditation through our Sydney location for international operations. This is the highest quality certification awarded by the Federation of Internationale Demenageurs Internationaux (FIDI) – the premier trade association in the international moving industry. All Grace Branches are ISO accredited and operate under the FIDI FAIMISO procedures to ensure service standards are maintained throughout our business.

Furthermore, for our international relocations we work with a selected number of trusted partners who meet these same high performance standards. This ensures that your furniture receives the same level of service and protection throughout the entire relocation process.

To discuss your furniture removal requirements, contact us today.