Relocation Orientation

Our orientation program covers all the important aspects of your destination area to help ease your employees’ transition. Working with your employees, the orientation program aims to provide beneficial support to help them become familiar and comfortable with their new destination by introducing them to:

  • Housing
  • Leisure amenities and facilities
  • Schools (pre-school to tertiary)
  • Health facilities and services


Depending on the level of support required, the orientation program is available for half day or full day.


Information Pack

Upon the initiation of your corporate relocation, your Grace Account Manager will provide your employees with a detailed information package, giving them an overview of all important information required to prepare them for the move.


The package includes:

  • A moving checklist with helpful tips
  • Destination information
  • An explanation of ‘what to expect’
  • Helpful resources
  • Customs information (for international relocations)


Whether your corporate relocation is domestic or international, our orientation program and information pack will provide your employees with complete support for a successful and smooth transition.


For more information about our orientation service, Contact us today.

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