Moving Services

Capabilities and Experience

Grace has provided moving services for more than 100 years and currently processes in excess of 38,000 relocations annually from more than 120 countries. Grace has 40 branches and 600 worldwide FIDI accredited locations, enabling Grace to relocate individuals and their families anywhere in the world with complete care and confidence.

International Removal Expertise

Grace has the expertise and capacity to provide relocation and storage services in a seamless manner for domestic and international moves. We can provide all services involved in the relocation utilising a single point of contact from the time of initiation through to invoicing.

Initial Contact

The Grace Mobility Specialist will contact the employee to discuss the services required, the move process and address any initial questions the individual may have. For employees moving to Australia, knowing what household items do or don’t meet the quarantine regulations is always a concern; Grace will address this during the initial briefing to address this early in the process.

Pre-move Inspection

Grace ensures that a Pre-Move Inspection will be arranged within 24 hours of removal notification from the corporate client’s nominated contact. The Grace Mobility Specialist will arrange for a consultant to conduct a survey at a time convenient to the employee. The pre-move/site inspection will confirm the volume, pick-up and delivery dates, as well as providing an opportunity to discuss any specific requirements.  An inventory will be created and copies of this document will be provided to both the relocating employee.


Following the inspection, the Mobility Specialist will forward a written quotation of all associated costs.

Pre Move Planning

The Grace Account Manager will work closely with the Transferee in planning for their relocation. The removal timetable will be discussed and confirmed together with the time frame for removal preparation.
Should the Transferee choose to pack personal items themselves, the Grace Mobility Specialist will ensure that the required cartons and checklists are delivered to the Transferee in a timely fashion that corresponds with the moving dates. The Mobility Specialist will coordinate booking of all international services via the Grace international team.

Packing and Uplift

At the time of uplift, the Grace crew will assess the household belongings and personal effects and determine the most appropriate uplift plan. Grace will provide experienced packing and removal crews to prepare household items for transit and to safely load these items. This plan will result in the vehicle or container being correctly loaded to ensure the safety of items during transit.

Specialist Packing

High value and fragile items such as works of art, fine furniture and antiques require customised casing and packing to ensure safe handling and transportation. Grace Fine Art specialise in this service. International removals require particular protective packing and Grace used specialised materials and packing staff for this service.


At the time of uplift, an inventory will be taken of goods and any existing damage noted. The Transferee needs to be present to sign off on the accuracy of this inventory. At the time of delivery, this inventory is cross-checked to ensure its precision and customer satisfaction. At this point, the Transferee should inspect the goods with a member of the Grace team.


Grace will provide a correctly specified moving vehicle to transport the Transferee’s effects in the time frame agreed. Consignments will be transported either by road in approved Grace furniture vans, by rail in Grace shipping containers, or overseas in approved shipping containers.

Import Process

For goods moving to other countries Grace will monitor the overseas partner to ensure timely compliance and processing of household shipments through customs.  Here in Australia, Grace has a comprehensive Import Management System.  Grace understands the importance of settling an employee with their own possessions and the cost to clients of short term accommodation.  With this in mind, we focus on 5 key touch points of the import process and measure each point in days to ensure we meet target.

Delivery and Unpacking

Grace staff will unwrap all furniture and position within the home as directed by the Transferee. We will unpack to bench top and reassemble all furniture disassembled by Grace at the point of origin.  Once unpacking and placement is complete we will remove all packing debris, (recovering cartons for recycling) from the Transferee’s home.

Grace Valet Service

Grace Valet provides an option for people who for work, family or lifestyle reasons need to re-establish the home environment quickly with the minimal involvement. We can provide valet assistants to follow behind our removalists at delivery. Their task is to help the Transferee settle into their new home by undertaking tasks such as making the beds, setting up the kitchen, unpacking into cupboards, unpacking and hanging clothes and finally we leave a gift of fresh flowers with our compliments.

Post Relocation Survey

Grace will undertake a post relocation customer satisfaction survey on every move. This survey and follow up allows the Transferee a platform to discuss any service defects or delights they encountered during their move. This feedback is invaluable to Grace as it allows us to continually assess and improve our service performance, whilst also providing the information from which our KPIs are determined.