Relocation Expense Reporting and Management

Commitment to Accuracy

Grace Removals provide accurate invoices to give you a clear breakdown of your finances. From the date, time, and name of the employee who initiated the move request, to purchase order numbers and other required information for your bookkeeping records – our sophisticated systems allow you to assess your expenses throughout the entire relocation, as well as action and report on any employee related issue.


Valuable Reporting

Our scheduled corporate relocation reporting includes:

  • The name of the person who has initiated the move request
  • The name of the relocating employee
  • Cost of services delivered (storage, delivery and loading)
  • Purchase order numbers and other required information
  • Total spend by business unit, date range and service line
  • Total number of relocations by date range, origin and destination location
  • Summary of all services provided by date range and service type

Your reports can be viewed as your expenses progress via our online system, and complete reports can be tabled for each review meeting.


A High-Quality Experience is Our Goal

We understand the need for a high level of support during what is often a stressful period for your employees, which is why your satisfaction with our service is our main priority. Within one week of arrival at their destination, we gather performance feedback surveys from all relocated employees to ensure that issues are actioned and reported. Their feedback will also help us to assess our performance in reaching our goal to provide a high-quality experience.


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