Corporate Relocation Account Management

Asset Protection

With proven success in asset management, Grace Removals is a name businesses can trust. Our unique technologies are built to minimise any risks involved in relocations, risks that can set back your relocation budget by thousands of dollars. By using the right equipment, vehicles, and our solid years of experience, all valuable assets will be protected against destruction and displacement.


Asset Monitoring

Take advantage of AiMS, Grace Removals’ cutting-edge technology. AiMS is a sophisticated asset management tool, designed for convenience and peace of mind. Using online barcoding technology, AiMS allows you and your key managers to follow the status of your assets with the click of a button throughout the duration of your move.


Our experienced project managers work to oversee your relocation, using AiMS to coordinate the entire process. From business records to new furniture, we can securely manage your assets to ensure they are accounted for at their final destination.


Experience a Smooth Transition with Grace Removals

Make relocating a seamless process with Grace Removals. In addition to delivering a quality asset management service, our online tools enable you to issue work orders, access reports and review the status of your assets at any given time, from any given place. With Grace Removals, asset management has never been this easy.


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